Babe is a sentient color who lives in your computer. Help her on her adventure by collecting coins and navigating obstacles.

This demo contains the first three levels. I would appreciate some feedback on the general look and feel of the game. If you had fun, or didn't, please let me know!


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Very sweet and cool platformer, in its simplicity it's like cotton candy in game form. It's refreshing to play a platformer where the focus is on speed, instead of some kind of imminent threat. I also agree that with some proper sounds it really should become complete. Nicely for a Unity game, it runs just about well on my browser.

I'd like to invite you to our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

Thank you very much! I plan to add enemies and active threats,  completing levels quickly will be a secondary goal. I'm glad it worked well in your browser.

That sounds nice then.


The game needs sound & 8-bit music that sounds "sweet" (for its pink and purple aesthetics), because I see the game cool.

Thank you, I am working on some 8-bit style music to add to it. I'm glad you liked it!